17 October 2017

Staff enjoy the new facilities

Wednesday the 18th October 2017, was a proud day in the companies history. The first cricket tournament was held between 4 teams of staff on their own cricket pitch within the company grounds. 

The eventual winner was a team captained by ‘the Colonel’, who beat his opponents by more than 5 wickets to claim an easy victory. 

His opponent in the final was UAE Director of Operations and company stakeholder, Bilal, who took the loss very graciously saying “It was just a case of the better team winning this time, but we always have next week for revenge!”

The company is commited to ensuring that it maintains its’ sense of pride in the facilities provided for the 200+ UAE workforce, delivering spacious accomodation, 2 cricket pitches, 2 badminton courts and a beach volleyball court. In addition there is a full commercial kitchen with 4 chefs, dining room, full laundry, prayer rooms and 24 hour onsite security. 

The stakeholders of A2C are very grateful that its dedicated staff choose to come live and work on the UAE site, and feel that providing them with outstanding facilities is the least we should be doing.