01 November 2018

GBP 135M Partnership anchors SEM, a new category of sustainable IT and adds new option for Chief Procurement Officers

Through US technology giant, A2C Services SEM division, now distributes its remanufactured laptops across North America in a 3-year deal; reduces CO2 emission by 100,000 tonnes and plants 1.5M trees

A2C Services Limited just signed a £135 million deal that establishes a new category provided by Secondary Equipment Manufacturers (SEM) that was previously unavailable to CPOs. 

A2C remanufactures enterprise grade computers that are cost-effective, come with a zero-carbon footprint and do not ask the CPO to compromise on quality, quantity or support when compared to new.

“This cutting-edge technology completely transforms A2C’s 26-year legacy in repurposing IT inventories and is set to bring the market into a new sustainable direction,” said Rod Neale, founder and CEO of A2C Services. “We are not asking for peoples’ standards to change, just maybe their priorities and to help that we are removing all the fear uncertainty and doubt in their decision-making process by delivering them a product they find comparable to brand new. 

We look forward to working with new and developing partners to bring this new category to Europe and Asia.