19 March 2020

Extra Mile 2020

Extra Mile is an initiative run by Sue Neale and Matt Trinder to celebrate those people within our A2C family who go above and beyond their job description for the benefit of their colleagues and the business as a whole. Everyone in the company gets a vote so it’s a great way to show people their efforts are appreciated, as well as encouraging a little healthy competition!

This time around our Extra Mile winners were Darren Stewart from the warehouse and Mark Woodroof from the office staff. Darren has been recognised for the early starts and late finishes he has put in to make sure that those recently completing forklift training had all the support they needed, and more. Well done, Darren, for being the epitome of what Extra Mile is about. Selfless, helping other members of the A2C family, and benefitting the company as a whole.

Mark is the head of our marketing department and as such is always hard at work with a group of eager young men beneath him. Beyond that role, though, Mark has recently taken on a great deal of extra responsibility to get the new Circular Computing™ website up and running, doing the work of “at least 17 people” according to one of the votes he received. Thank you, Mark, for all that evening and weekend web development, all the long meetings, and all the calmness with which you handle your usually quite frantic workload.

Thank you to everyone who voted and once again, a big congratulations to our winners!