Our Stock Volume

At any one time we will have in circulation around the A2C business, in excess of:

5–10,000 LCD screens

20–30,000 Laptops 

10–20,000 PC’s

A2C’s total business is very broad, so we always need to hold a vast amount of stock under our control, to keep our channels supplied. 

Volumes and availability change on a daily basis, so ensure that you are on the companies mailshot of offers if you want to stay informed. You can include yourself at the footer of this page!

We don’t tend to stray away from 3 core products lines mentioned above of Laptops, LCD and PC and all the products are enterprise type stocks, by the major brands of Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Apple. 

It is very usual for us to have large project runs of the same equipment which allows you, the customer, to take advantage of a long term supply. Make sure you speak to your sales rep to find out if there are any large projects or supply in the pipeline.