About us.

A2C Office

Since 1992 we have been in the business of buying and supplying used IT equipment to every corner of the globe.

Traditionally, we have focussed on the key equipment of laptops, desktops and monitors.

6 years ago we decided it was time to become the world’s largest and highest quality refurbisher of laptop product.​

30 years
in the market

10 million+
used assets sold

geniuses at work​

Core values.


Courage to spend 6 years building a world class facility and raising the bar on what is considered “the best quality used stock in the world”.


Integrity is the essential ingredient that retains your customer.​ It is about the essence and DNA of a company and does not have an on off switch.


Loyalty is about making the right decisions even if there are commercial advantages in making a different choice.​ Loyalty is not grey, it is black or white


Commitment to people, commitment to quality, commitment to outcomes.​ Commitment is an act, not a word.


If we wait for somebody else, it is already too late.​ Tomorrow belongs to the people and companies prepared to bet all on red.​ The wheel is spinning.

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