A2C Services exists to extend the life of used ICT in volume.

Powering the principals of the circular economy for over 25 years by selling over 500,000 used laptops, PC and monitors per year.

Re-use the best way to recycle.

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160 million

laptops manufactured every year


laptops disposed of daily in the EU


of those laptops could be reused

Today’s laptops are thin enough, PC’s are fast enough, monitors are large enough, Why waste the money or the resources?

The world needs a more sustainable IT industry, delivering quality product at volume.

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Our mission is simple. Support our customer base, with quality product in volume, and to drive their company growth through our own.

Factory capacity able to deliver over 15,000 units per month of graded quality laptops

PC's, laptops and screens sold boxed, or in bulk - by the 1,000's per month.