We are

supplier of the highest quality
refurbished laptops in the world 

We have created a business built around the supply of the highest quality refurbished laptop product in the world. But don’t just take our word for it.

A2C Refurbished Laptops
Awarded 18/06/2021

The world’s first BSI Kitemarks for remanufactured and refurbished laptops.

Awarded 14/12/2021

Buying second user laptops do not have to include risk or chance. Our success over 30 years has been born out of a commitment to deliver the quality agreed on time, every time.

What we deliver.



Quality takes three forms, ​
the quality of the information, the quality of the relationship and finally,​ the quality of the product.​

Without all three, we fail.​

A consistent supply from us builds a consistent supply to your customers, which builds consistent results for both of us.
You can build your business around availability of product and our facility has the capacity for 10,000 units per month, with headroom for more.
Offer your clients an affordable economical alternative to new but without the usual variable risks associated with a used product. Quality and price do not have to be at odds with each other.

Global coverage.

A2C Office
Our 2 locations in the UK and UAE provide global coverage, enabling us to serve you and your clients on a truly worldwide scale.

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