Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive stock offers from your company?
We normally send out stock offers via email to members of our database. If you would like to receive stock offers then simply click on the ‘Join Our Mailing List’ option on our home page or click on the ‘Mailing List’ button at the bottom of our website. Fill out your details and you will be added to our mailing list to receive stock offers.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept payment in advance of shipping via direct bank transfer. Depending on the value of the order we can accept cash but only up to a limited amount.
We use PayPal exclusively for eBay transactions ONLY.

Do you accept credit terms?
No we do not accept credit terms. Our company policy has always been full payment in advance.

How do I ship the stock?
We can arrange shipping on your behalf through one of our third party agents. We have a good network of reliable agents whom we use for doing our shipping and they offer competitive rates. We offer the service of using one of our agents to make the buying process much smoother and hassle free for our customers.

Do your prices include delivery?
Unless stated otherwise our prices DO NOT include delivery.

Can I come and visit you?
Due to the nature of our company we do not have an ‘open door’ system in operation. Our general policy on visitors is that we will invite you to visit us if we are already engaged in negotiations on a deal and the purpose of the visit is to finalise the deal, confirm payment and to offer you a chance to view the stock in question.

Will you send me an invitation so I can come and visit you?
We will NOT send you an invitation to visit us unless it is for the purposes of finalising a deal for which you have already made payment. Even if this is the case it will be up to our sales director’s discretion as to whether an invitation is necessary or required.

Is all of your stock fully tested working?
Yes all of our stock is fully tested and working before they leave our warehouse.  

Do you give any warranty?
Unless otherwise specified we offer a standard 30 days DAO RTB warranty for our stocks.

Do your PC’s have an Operating System (OS) installed?
No, as a general rule our PC systems do not have any operating System (OS) installed.

What does “No COA” Mean?
No COA (Certificate of Authenticity) means that the unit does not have a Microsoft sticker certifying what operation system the unit could run with. The unit will tend to not have any OS installed.

Do you include Software?
No, unless specified we do not include software with our stocks.

Are you a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher (MAR)?
No we are NOT a MAR.

Do your offers for PC come with Monitors, KB’s and Mice?
No, unless the offer states that the offer includes monitors and other accessories then these are excluded from sale. Accessories will be sold separately to be included in an offer if requested and if we have sufficient stock available of these items.

Do you sell new PC’s as well as used?
Occasionally we will offer out new PC if we have them available but the vast majority of our stock is used.

Where does your stock come from?
Most of our stock comes from a working environment where it  is tested, audited and checked before being remarketed in our offers.