Passback Program

The trade of any excess I.T related stocks whether new or used is inherently going to be a judgement call. That judgement is going to
have a value based on demand, experience and timing. When any company buys stocks they are making their best estimate as to what any sale value will be but this is still an "educated prediction". To counteract for any variance the buyer will instil a certain level of safety net" for himself. The supplier will feel the effect of this "safety net" by receiving a lower offer than may be warrantied.

We have acknowledged this fact by creating the Passback Program.
The program is designed to eliminate the problem by passing back all or an agreed % of any amount of profits we deem as not in keeping with the relationship. This can take the form of an agreed cap on our company profits or can be left purely to our companies desire to prove to the supplier that they made the right choice to do business with us. Our whole companies philosophy is to give you the supplier no reason to wish to engage in business with anyone else, one way for us to do that will be after a deal is agreed, collected and sold by us that we request that you send us a separate invoice for an additional sum over and above any buy price we had already agreed and paid. Once we have agreed to run the Passback Program with you then our only goal becomes to request that invoice. Failure to do so would result in us missing a valuable opportunity to rise above our peers in this business which we would not allow to happen.

The Passback Program has no bearing on the price we agree to pay for the stock at the beginning, at this stage we are happy to tell you what we plan for our sales channels, how we see sales of the stock going and what we expect to be able to make profit out of any deal, basically we are happy to tell you our best estimates of "post purchase" we can then agree the upfront payment to be made as usual and after the deal has run its course we will report to you the actual facts at which time if the deal was a lesser result then you lose nothing, however if the deal was better than expected we initiate "Passback" of extra funds to you.You can be sure of good clean honest advice before a deal and you can be sure that after we have but one goal and that is deliver to you better than expected results, this programs success depends on it, your future business with us depends on it.