BER and Customer Returns

An on-gong issue for many manufacturers, retailers and distributors is the question of how to deal with Customer Returns. Our company is positioned to buy large volumes of either raw customer returns or even BER stocks, stocks which have been through a repair facility and that you consider Beyond Economical Repair. We have a facility located in UAE within which we have a large amount of engineers to take these kinds of stocks where they are fully refurbish and repaired ready for resale. Locating this centre in UAE allows us to have a cost effective approach to this opportunity and as such allows us to pass the maximum amount or return to you the client. Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones, LCD and Games Consoles are all run through the facility on an on-going basis.
Our engineers are trained over long periods to be able to achieve the highest yield on any product and the better our yield is the more funds we can invest with you at the beginning of any opportunity.

Having been in the industry for over 20 years and with the capital reserves to depend on we are always happy to absorb all of the risks associated with buying BER/Customer Returned stocks. Providing the information passed to us is factual and complete then we are very keen to buy this stock type through our UAE offices and run it through the facility.

Whether the situation is a "one off" or an on-going supply our motivation will be like any other business we do which is to deliver to you our client a solution you're looking for at a value that leaves you wanting to do more business with us. One deal, One delivery, One larger profit is never going to allow our company to develop and expand. Our goal is to acquire you the client for many years and one quick way to do that is to bring the 20 years of experience in this business to your benefit. Over 20 years many companies such as ours have come and gone. We believe that the difference we have gained over those 20 years is financial stability enough to not require an opposite agenda to our clients and being a privately owned company our drive is more success than it is financial.

You are welcome to visit both our UK and UAE facilities to discuss BER/Customer Return stocks.