Complying with the best - EICC Statement


We are today releasing a statement to confirm our intentions to continue to adhere to the policies and foundations set by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) in our new purpose-built factory in the UAE.

‘We believe that we will be the world's first EICC compliant organisation focused on the trading of refurbished, used and remanufactured IT equipment' and rightfully so, we are very proud of this!

It has been the hard work of our Operations Director, Simon De Gruchy, and Commercial Manager, Stephen Haskew, whom formed our EICC team and managed processes and procedures to ensure we covered the full 700+ questions/policies to meet criteria for our social audit.

We put in motion the process to adhere to the EICC code due to our growing relationship with one of our largest partners, whom require us to comply if we are to further our relationship to the heights we all know we can achieve. A further thanks to them for attending the opening audit this summer 2017.

We look forward to and hope to hear great news on our closing audit scheduled for Q4.
You can find the full statement here: EICC STATEMENT